Hey everyone :)

My name’s Kayla, nice to meet you.

For those who don’t yet know me personally, I am a 23 year old open-minded, vocal, passionate girl living in New England. I'm a total people-person, a people-pleaser to a fault, most of the time. I am very liberal, a total, complete, bleeding feminist who will root and fight for women, kids, anti-violence, and the well-being of our world as a whole, any day, any time.

I am currently living in my hometown on the East Coast, attending grad school studying to be a School Psychologist. I’m working hard so that I can do what I love for the rest of my life, but I also love a lot of other things in this life - including writing here. Sadly, often times this outlet of mine falls to the side, but I promise I will never forget about it, and will always take the time, as I find it, to fill these pages.

I’m not so sure what this blog will become, what will inevitably inspire me to fill up these pages, where I'll end up in the future or who I'll gradually blossom into while documenting more of my life on the internet, but what I do know, is that I absolutely love that places like this exist for you and for me.

This blog is mine but you're more than welcome to join in and read along, comment on what I have to say, share your life with me, your ideas, your questions. I would actually LOVE it if you did all of the above. 

From voices, we evolve. More reading, more peace. - r.h. Sin

X, Kayla Linda